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Popup Blocker Settings on the Google Toolbar and the Yahoo Toolbar

The Google Toolbar and the Yahoo Toolbar have their own built-in pop-up blockers.  When using Internet Explorer you will also need to allow pop-ups from the CAC web sites

Google Toolbar

The pop-up blocker on the Google toolbar is the button between "Bookmarks" and the spell checker, "ABC".  When a pop-up has been blocked the counter on the pop-up blocker will increase.

  Goolgle Toolbar

Access the CAC homepage at  Click the pop-up blocker button on the Google Toolbar. 

  Google Toolbar Allow Popups Button

The pop-up blocker button will change to "Popups okay". Pop-ups will now be allowed for

  Google Toolbar Pop-up Okay Button

Repeat this process for and

Yahoo Toolbar

The Yahoo Toolbar pop-up blocker is the "shield" icon.  To change the Pop-up Blocker settings click on this icon. The Pop-up Blocker can be disabled by clicking on "Enable Pop-up Blocker" to remove the checkmark.  If you would like to continue blocking pop-ups but would like to make sure that CAC sites are not blocked, you will need to wait until a pop-up has been blocked and then click on "Always Allow Pop-Ups From".

  Yahoo Toolbar in Internet Explorer

 If any CAC websites:


are in the "Sources of Recently Blocked Pop-ups" list, click the site and then click "Allow".  Once all CAC sites have been moved to the "Always Allow" list, click "Close".

Yahoo Pop-up Blocker allow list

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