Using Blackboard

Blackboard is the course management system used at CAC (and institutions of higher education worldwide) to assist instructors and students with the online learning process. When used for a fully online class Blackboard contains all of the materials used in the class - handouts, syllabus, calendars, additional materials that the students might be interested in, etc.. Blackboard also contains discussion board areas, personal (internal to Blackboard only) web pages for the students, file transfer areas between instructor and students (virus scanned files!), and an easy way to send e-mails to the other participants in the class. You can access Blackboard from anyplace in the world with an internet connection.

If you are taking a "regular" face-to-face class your instructor might use Blackboard as a supplement. Blackboard could be used as a place to post the syllabus or as a place to keep the gradebook so that the students know at all times where they stand. Some instructors use Blackboard to store their lecture notes and class materials so that these materials are always available to students.

If you are taking a hybrid class you will meet with your instructor in a classroom setting part of the time. The rest of your class time will be online. The amount of time you will spend in the on-campus classroom or in the online classroom will vary according the class you are taking.

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