Username and Password Assistance

Blackboard Username and CAC Student E-mail Address Format

All Central Arizona College students are automatically assigned a Blackboard username and CAC Student E-mail account upon admission to CAC.  You can look up your Blackboard and E-mail account information in the "Online Services" area.

Your Blackboard Username and Password

Your Blackboard username is firstname_lastname based on your legal firstname and your legal lastname exactly as written on your schedule. If a name has been duplicated numbers are added at the end of the usernames.  Hyphenated lastnames do not have a – in the username.  Double firstnames do not have a space or – in the username.

For example:  john_doe, john_doe1, john_doe2, maryjane_smithjones

Your Blackboard password is your birthdate in MMDDYYYY format – 8 numbers are required.   For example, if you were born in March 05 of 1986 your password will be 03051986.

CAC E-mail Address and Password

Your CAC e-mail address is the same as your Blackboard username plus  Your e-mail password is also your birthday in MMDDYYYY format - 8 numbers are required.  For example, if you were born March 15, 1986 your password will be 03151986. 

For assistance with Blackboard and E-mail Accounts, Click Here


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