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Online Course Time Scheduling Suggestions

When taking an online course, you must plan and organize your time and tasks carefully. Online classes are not independent study. There are due dates and timelines to be met. At the beginning of each semester, mark a calendar with every assignment due date so you can keep track of all of your classes.

Online courses are not easier than traditional on campus classes. They may actually take more of your time as you are required to provide many written assignments. You must take the initiative in planning for your course work. Many of you are working full time and so must organize your course work studies around your job and family obligations. This makes it even more important to set up a schedule.

Online courses require you to read and comprehend assignments with little assistance. Therefore, if you do need assistance, you need to make sure you are asking for it with enough advance time to get a response from the Instructor before the assignment is due. It is always in your best interest to NOT leave assignments until the last minute. For example:

It is 9 pm at night and you are working on an assignment that is due at 12pm. You discover that you do not understand one of the questions and need clarification from the Instructor. You email your Instructor asking for help but the Instructor is not checking email at that late hour. You are unable to complete the assignment without further clarification.

You have all of your work almost done and are going to finish it right before it is due. A family emergency comes up and you must be with your family. You do not have time to finish your assignment before the time it is due.

You have left a Discussion Board until the last minute because you know exactly what you want to say and are sure it will only take 15 minutes or so. When you sit at your computer, you realize the Internet server is down and you have no way to post your entry.

Setting up a schedule will not make you a perfectly efficient person. Very few people can keep a detailed schedule day after day over a long period of time. In fact, many students who draw up a study schedule and find themselves unable to stick to it become frustrated and often give up the scheduling idea completely. Even with a schedule, realize that sometimes things get in the way of completing your tasks. The following method of organizing time has been helpful to many students.

Weekly Schedule:

Each week make a list of the MAJOR EVENTS and the ESTIMATED TIME OF WORK to be accomplished in each subject for the week. This may include activities that are not related to school.

For example:

Major EventEstimated Time of WorkDue Date
Quiz for CIS120Reading for quiz:  4 hours
Take quiz: 1hour
Must be done by Friday, noon
Assignment for ECE234Reading: 3 hoursThursday
Discussion Board for HIS106Discussion Board:  20 minutesMust be done by Wednesday, 8:00 pm
Assignment for COM101Reading:  3 hours
Writing assignment:  2 hours
Discussion Board:  20 minutes

These events will change each week. Sunday night might be your best time to make up your new weekly schedule.

Daily Schedule:

Each day, make up a SEPARATE SCHEDULE that reflects the goals of the week.

Have this list done the night before so you know exactly what you have to accomplish the next day.

For example:

To DoTime
Discussion Board for ECE125ALunch Break
Complete 1 hour of reading for CIS1207 - 8 pm
Discussion Board for HIS106Lunch Break
Reading for COM1018 - 9 pm
Work on COM101 writing assignment9 - 10 pm

Cross out each item as you finish it. If you don’t get it done, make sure it goes on the next day’s schedule.

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