Working "Off-line"

One of the best solutions to problem internet connections is to work "off-line". 

When possible type the answers to assessments or long assignments in a word processing program before you connect to the Internet and Blackboard.  If your internet connection does fail you will not need to retype the answers.  You have saved them in your word processor.  Just reconnect to the internet and Blackboard and try again

  • Open your word processor (Word, Works, Word Perfect, etc.)
  • Type the answers to the questions.  (This is great because a word processor has spell checking.)
  • When you have completed the assessment, save the file.
  • Do not close the word processing program.  Leave the assessment you have typed on the screen.
  • Connect to the Internet and logon to Blackboard.
  • In Blackboard, open the assessment or assignment you need to work on.
  • Go back to your document in the word processor.
  • Highlight the answer to the first question.
  • Click on "Edit, Copy".
  • Go back to Blackboard.
  • Click in the field in which you would normally type the answer.
  • Click on Edit, Paste.   If Edit, Paste is not available, use Ctrl+V on the keyboard.
  • Go back to the word processor and repeat the process until the assessment is completed.

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