Starting an Organization


The following steps outline the process for a new SCO to be formed and registered with the College.
1. A student must obtain and complete the SCO Registration form from the Director of Student Engagement and Activities. Students may also obtain the forms online at
2. A membership list should include full names, Student ID number, email address, and telephone number. All members and officers must be currently enrolled Central Arizona College students. A minimum of FIVE students must sign the registration form unless otherwise authorized by the Director.
3. Every SCO must have a full-time college employee serve as the Advisor. Groups may have more than one Advisor. To provide sufficient support to the SCO multiple advisors is highly recommended. The Advisor(s) must sign the registration form stating that they are accepting the responsibility of becoming an Advisor, understand, will comply with, and enforce the college policy and SCO rules and regulations related to student clubs and organizations.
4. Each SCO must select or elect officers authorized by the Advisor. In addition, the SCO must have one representative who will attend all student council meetings of the Student Leadership Organization.
5. The SCO must write a draft of their constitution. Sample constitutions may be obtained from the Director or at The Director will review the constitution for final approval and keep a copy of the constitution on file in the Student Engagement and Activities Office. A PDF copy of your constitution will be placed on the website at


The Advisor adds continuity to the SCO ensuring that successive officers understand the individual and group responsibilities, and understand college policy and procedure pertaining to student clubs and organizations. Advisors also assist student officers to use good judgment in planning and implementing events. In particular, Advisors are expected to be aware of liability issues and advise the SCO members to make reasonable and wise decisions regarding all SCO activities. The SCO Advisor must be a full-time college employee. Written requests for exceptions to this rule may be made to the Director of Student Engagement and Activities.  At least one SCO Advisor must be in attendance at all club sponsored meetings and events. It is required that club advisors attend events which may be high risk. Examples include field trips, dances, athletic/physical activities, etc. If the registered advisor cannot be present, it is the advisor’s responsibility to arrange for a substitute which must be full time CAC employee authorized by the Director or Designee. Advisors should be available to students on a regular basis for advice and consultation. SCO Advisors who wish to terminate their role as an Advisor must submit a written letter of resignation to the Director.


Each year the SCO shall submit an annual registration form ( to the Director renewing the groups’ intent to remain active for the new academic year. An SCO must include a sample budget, tentative fundraising projects, and proposed calendar of events along with the SCO Registration Form. In addition, the SCO’s constitution must be reviewed and updated every two years. The registration form, sample budget, events calendar and constitution shall be submitted no later than the end of the fourth full week of each fall semester.


Violation of local, state, and federal laws, college policies and/or the Student Code of Conduct by any SCO member may result in termination of the SCO’s registration or recognition by the College. Should such a termination take place, the group is prohibited from conducting on and off campus activities. Additional conditions and restrictions are as follows.
A Student Club and Organization,
  • must be fully recognized by the College before facilities at the college can be used.
  • is responsible for all activities and/or damages resulting from any events in which they Advisor, host, or participate in.
  • shall comply with College policies and procedures, including but not limited to, the use of College facilities and grounds, information technology, facility reservation contracts and the Student Code of Conduct located in the CAC College Catalog.
  • must adhere to the alcohol and drugs policy of the College, state regulations, and city ordinances regarding the possession, consumption and or sale of alcohol beverages or other drugs, including controlled substances, which extends to on and off campus events in which the SCO is representing the College.
  • is responsible for verified instances of alcohol or other controlled substances usage at any CAC sponsored event, both on and off campus.
  • shall not behave in a manner as to represent, nor imply that is contracts or speaks on behalf of the College.
  • must have at least one Advisor who shall assist the group in establishing goals and objectives, handling its funds and in developing its program and activities.
Freedom of expression shall be allowed for all student clubs and organizations, consistent with the college mission, institutional goals, declaration of civility, and the Student Code of Conduct.
The Director of Student Engagement and Activities shall administer the registration and maintain a list of all currently registered clubs and organizations. Student Clubs and Organizations will remain as a recognized SCO provided the goals, objectives, and activities are consistent with the college mission, institutional goals, and the Student Code of Conduct.


Membership must be comprised of currently enrolled CAC students, faculty, and staff. Any other individuals will not be considered official members. Groups shall not discriminate on the basis of age, color, creed, disability, national origin, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender expression, or sexual orientation.
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