Welcome Home!

When it comes to finding a place to live, we know you have choices and we are happy you picked us. Please feel free to browse our pages to get acquainted with what we have to offer. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions we would love to hear about it, so please call us at 520.494.5470 or email us at rlstaff@centralaz.edu at your convenience.

Our business hours are Monday-Thursday 8 AM-6 PM. The Residence Life Lobby, offering many of the services for our students is open Monday-Thursday 8 AM- 12 AM and Weekends and Holidays 12 PM-12 AM during the regular academic year.

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Housing Application

In order to live on campus, you must apply. Our housing application is entirely online.Prior to applying to live on campus, you must register with the College and obtain student ID number (also known as 880 number) and the CAC student email. Please note that our assignments are based on first-come first-served basis and as such we encourage all our students to apply early.


Please note: The application has 3 tabs you will need to complete.

If you encounter any technical difficulties, please email us or call us at 520.494.5470.

You Belong!

We offer a diverse living-learning community to complement your education. We offer 3 types of housing: Suites, Quads, and the Tower. Within the Tower community, we offer two distinct theme based housing options:

1. Honors House - designated area for our students who are commited to their academic achievement.  It is located on the 3rd floor, West Wind of the Tower and has a minimum GPA requirement of 3.0, with preference being given to the students whose GPA is 3.5 of higher.

2. Global Scholar House - located on the 3rd floor, East Wing of the Tower provides a small community for people who are committed to the global diversity, exploration of the world-wide cultures, and meaningful connections with people from all over the Country and the World. In order to reside in this community, you do not need to be an International student, just someone who is open to residing with someone who might be.

All of our rooms are furnished and double occupancy. On occasion, whenever space is available, we do offer single occupancy, so if you are interested, please make sure you mark your housing application appropriately.

Living on campus has many benefits, with a few being listed here:

  • Proximity to classes, the library, and other campus facilities
  • Ability to reside with other individuals committed to their accademics or global exploration
  • Educational, recreational, and social programs and events
  • Dining Hall offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Study rooms, game room, TV lounge, laundry facilities, computer lab

Live and Learn at CAC!

To learn more about our housing options and view photos and pricing, please CLICK HERE!



For Our Residents

 Room Swap and Consolidations

Room transfers and assignment changes are not permitted during the first two weeks or the last two weeks of the
semester. Room/Hall changes are limited to one room or hall change request per year. You may click here to download and print a copy of the Room Swap and Consolidation form. Turn in a completed form with all necessary signatures to the Residence Life Office. Students will be notified of decision for all requests.

Incident Report

If you have witnessed an incident on-campus (or off-campus at a College sponsored event) or have been involved in an incident, please use our online INCIDENT REPORT FORM to report it. Thank you.

Work Order

From time to time, things may break or stop working in your room, on your floor, or anywhere on the Housing Grounds. Please submit all of the work orders here and kindly give us 1-3 business days to get it fixed. If things have not been fixed in timely fashion, please stop by our office and let us help you resolve the issue. Please note it is your responsibility to tell us when things break.

Room Condition Inventory Form

We highly encourage all our residents to inspect the room upon their moving into the space. Look for items that are missing, not in good condition, or need repairs. Make a brief comment in the space provided (such as "broken") or use a separate sheet if necessary. RCI forms are issued to students at move-in or when transfering rooms. If you are in need of one stop by  Front Desk in the Tower or C building Lobby to pick up a copy.

If an item needs repair, complete a Maintenance Request and write "MR" in the space next to that item. If something needs cleaning, please refer to the guidelines below.

This form is important so that you will not be charged for any pre-existing condition when you move out. When you do a room change or move out, the Residence Life Staff will use this same form to determine if any maintenance or cleaning is required. PLEASE SUBMIT THIS FORM WITHIN 24 HOURS AFTER YOU MOVE-IN OR TRANSFER. Any submissions after this time will not be taken into a consideration and we will assume that your room was in good condition upon your moving in.

Parents' Resource
We understand that as a parent you have questions regarding your son's or daughter's education. We hope you will find this page helpful.

On-Campus Housing
The Residence Halls, on the Signal Peak Campus, offer approximately 350 students an opportunity to live on campus. Academic, social, educational, and diversity related programs are provided to enhance the students' college experience.

Campus Police

Food Services

Central Arizona College - District Office 8470 N. Overfield Road, Coolidge, AZ 85128 Phone: 800-237-9814