Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI)

Affirmation of Civility, Central Arizona College

February 23, 2017

During uncertain and troubling times, holding firm to our values and enacting our virtues calls for strength and dedication. Inasmuch, and in light of recent political and social events both regionally and nationally, Central Arizona College reaffirms its commitment to cultivating the College's Declaration of Civility as a basis for respect and trust. Civility requires that those engaged in our common endeavor commit to dialogues that promote equity and social justice in an environment where we can address difficult and important topics productively. Our mission and goals charge us with ensuring a safe environment for learning and developing a sense of self and identity in the pursuit of academic and personal goals. Our commitment to the College's mission shall not waver. We will remain a safe place for all members of the CAC community; diversity and inclusion are our strengths.






The Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) is a welcoming space, open to and accepting of all individuals. As such, CDI provides educational opportunities for the students, staff, and faculty of our greater Central Arizona College community. These opportunities promote deeper understanding and appreciation for differences among all people through engagement in meaningful conversations about issues of diversity, including race, ethnicity, gender, ability, orientation, age, religion, language, or status.


Advance Central Arizona College’s commitment to engage our diverse communities in quality learning experiences for life-long success by promoting increased inclusion in the teaching and learning environment.


  1. A tight-knit diverse community
  2. Wellbeing that arises from acceptance over tolerance
  3. Cross-cultural engagement and inquiry
  4. Inclusivity over exclusivity
  5. Equity over equality



Co-Directors of CDI:

Sherrie Licon :

Kolette Draegan:

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