Career Services

Career & Self Assessment

Self Assessment can be completed on-campus, off-campus or even from home utilizing the Arizona Career Information System. The career assessment tool matches personal interests, skills, values and college major to develop your career plan. It is a holistic approach to your career search.

Available Services

Online Resume Critique
The resume is the first glimpse that an employer receives that describes your experience and abilities for the job. This document should be superior and is often the first step in obtaining an interview. Your resume can be critique to ensure that it effectively communicates your strengths for the job to which you are applying. Submit your resume and job description for the position through our web site,, and receive feedback within 5 business days.

Internship Programs
Information and assistance is provided to students that desire to try this method of career exploration. Internship programs can be on a part-time or full-time basis for a predetermined period of time. Internships is another way in which a student can gain valuable experience and insight into a career. Internships can be either paid or unpaid. See the current listing for available internship opportunities.

Job Search Skills
Assistance is provided for resume writing, creating a cover letter, interviewing skills, mock interviews and job search methods. An appointment is required for this service. For an appointment stop by CSES, send an email give us a call.

Student Employment
Up-to-date job listings for on-campus, off-campus, full-time, part-time, seasonal, and short term jobs as well as internship opportunities are available. This service is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week so that students can peruse and apply for available jobs at their leisure. In order to utilize this service you must complete the student registration form.

Employer Services
The CSES provides a variety of services to assist in bringing the employer together with Central Arizona College students and alumni. There is a FREE web based job posting service for off-campus employers that is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. All employers must register and receive a password prior to posting available positions. To register, complete the employer registration form. Also if you so desire, an on-campus recruiting opportunity is available to meet with prospective student employees. Call (520) 426-4428 for assistance.

Workshops & Events

As the semester progresses, there will be training, seminars, workshops and other events. So check for new and upcoming announcements on a consistent and regular basis.

Information Sessions
This is an opportunity to gain valuable information about employers. Employers are asked to present information about their particular company and career fields. The informal forums provide an overview of the various entry level positions, career paths, training requirements and other pertinent company information.

Resume Writing Workshop
Participants will have the chance to receive help on creating an effective resume. Instruction and personal guidance will be provided to assist with creating this important employment document.

Job Fair Events
This is an opportunity to meet with numerous employers and gather information about available job openings. To ensure that students get the most from your Job Fair experience watch for tips on how to prepare for the fair, what questions to ask, what to bring and what to wear. For a current list of job events, contact Career and Student Employment Services at or call (520) 494-5424.

On Campus Recruiting
Companies will schedule either informal recruiting or formal on-campus recruitment dates to interview CAC students for potential employment opportunities. When the visits are scheduled, the announcements and pertinent information will be posted on the job board.


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