Beginning College Students

Congratulations for making the exciting decision to start your educational plan with Central Arizona College!  Starting is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 . . .  simply complete these steps:

Step One - Apply for admission to Central Arizona College.  You may apply in person at any of our locations, or online.

Step Two - Schedule an appointment to take placement assessments.  The assessments are computerized and are not timed.  Your assessment results will print out immediately after you complete the assessments and will include appropriate level of course placement.  If you are pursuing a degree, you will need to take all three assessments - reading, writing, and math.  If you are pursuing a certificate, you may not need to take all three assessments to get started with your plan.  Please consult the current College Catalog for a list of course requirements for your chosen certificate. Click here for Testing Center locations and hours.

Step Three - Schedule an appointment to meet with an Academic Advisor.  The Academic Advisor can help you determine which degree or certificate best aligns with your career goal(s) and then help you create a course plan.  Click here for Academic Advising locations and contact information.

Note: If you are currently in high school and want to participate in either First Step or Early College, please see the corresponding link under Resources for program application information.  

Additional items to consider. . .

Hoping to receive a scholarship and/or financial assistance?  See our Financial Aid pages for more information

Are you planning to live in the Residence Halls at the Signal Peak Campus?  See our Residence Life pages for important information  

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