Central Arizona College STEM Program

What is STEM?
The Science, Technology, Engineering and Math program (STEM) at Central Arizona College (CAC) is an innovative college enrichment curriculum for high school and college-aged students in Pinal County.
The goal is to encourage and increase the presence of historically underrepresented groups in the career fields of science, technology, engineering and math and assist in the transfer to a 4 year college or university. Students in the STEM Program must complete a STEM Program Student Application, print and take the application to an advisor for a Master Academic Plan indicating they are in a 2 year STEM degree at CAC.

What STEM degree pathways can I take at CAC?
The STEM program at CAC will begin to prepare students for careers in a variety of fascinating careers. Students will be eligible to transfer from CAC to four-year institutions anywhere in the country. The following are the 2 year degree paths that are offered at CAC.

Associate of Science in Agriculture
Associate of Science in Liberal Studies
Associate of Science in Chemistry
Associate of Science in Geology and Planetary Science
Associate of Applied Science in Computer Programming
Associate of Applied Science in Diesel/Heavy Equipment Technology
Associate of Applied Science in Manufacturing Engineering
Associate of Applied Science in Network Systems Administration
Associate of Applied Science in Entertainment Industry Technology

STEM Program Benefits
Intensive monitored academic progress with STEM Advisor
University Transfer Assistance
Loan of an iPad, graphing calculator, or STEM textbook

Contact us:
Phone (520) 494-5493
Email stem.program@centralaz.edu

STEM Staff
Sharon Wisniewski
STEM Program Coordinator
Erik Peterson
STEM Math Preceptor
Andrew Wilson
STEM Math Preceptor
Carrie McIntyre
STEM Advisor
Tammy Janisko
STEM Chemistry Preceptor
Marilyn Ramirez
STEM Secretary
George Carpenter
STEM Biology Preceptor



The STEM Program (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) at Central Arizona College is financed 100 percent by a 5 year Federal HSI-STEM grant from the US Department of Education. The total Federal funds dedicated to this program are $3,388,503.00.

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