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Internet Explorer 7 Browser Settings

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From the Internet Explorer Menu click Tools and select Internet Options

General Tab

  • In the "Browsing History" Section click the "Settings" button
    • Under "Check for newer versions of stored pages" select "Every visit to the page"
  • Click “OK” to return to the General Tab

Security Tab - Trusted Sites

  • Click "Trusted Sites" (green checkmark)
  • Click the "Sites" button
    • Uncheck “Require server verification (https) for all sites in this zone” (lower left corner)
    • Enter the following sites into “Add this Web site to the zone


    • Click “Add” after entering each website
    • Click “OK” when finished

Security Tab - Trusted Sites - Security Level for this Zone

  • If no slider bar displays click "Default Level” to reset any changes which have been made.
  • Lower the security level to "Low"
  • Click “Custom Level” and modify the following settings if necessary
    • Scroll about halfway to “Miscellaneous

    “Display mixed content”  - Enable

    • Scroll almost to the end to “Scripting

“Active scripting” – Enable
“Allow status bar updates via script” – Enable
“Scripting of Java applets” - Enable 

  • Click “OK

Privacy Tab - Slider Settings

  • Click "Advanced" (Located in the row of buttons just above the Pop-up Blocker Settings.  If "Advanced" is not available click "Default" and then "Advanced". )
  • Check “Override automatic cookie handling
  • First-party Cookies” - should be "Accept"
  • Third-party Cookies” – should be "Accept"
  • Click “OK

Privacy Tab - Pop-up Blocker

  • If “Block pop-ups” is checked click the "Settings" button
  • Enter the following sites (as needed) into “Address of Web site to allow


  • Click “Add” after entering each website
  • Click “Close” when finished

Close all Internet Explorer windows. When Internet Explorer is opened again the new browser security settings will have taken effect.


Internet Explorer security updates can change your existing browser settings. Before you take a test or begin an online project it is important to make sure that the browser settings are correct. The minute it takes to verify that settings have not changed can prevent several difficulties and the loss of your answers.

The browser setting most likely to be changed by a security update is on the "Security" tab in "Trusted Sites". Before taking an online test verify that the box next to "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone" is not checked.

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