Why Study Abroad?

Why Study Abroad?

"Study abroad changed my life and shaped who I would later become as an adult. The ability to interact with individuals from varied cultural and linguistic backgrounds has opened doors both personally and professionally. I look forward to providing opportunities for local Pinal County residents to experience and learn from international travel and study."

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A Faculty Perspective on Study Abroad:

Having organized and lead Spanish immersion expeditions to Mexico and Costa Rica for over 15 years, Central Arizona College professor John Prevost has a unique perspective on why studying internationally benefits students.John Prevost w Title

"Like myself, I think for many students, these out of country experiences are life changing! To see the world through different perspectives and the ability to communicate with others in their native language is priceless. An incredible opportunity to really challenge oneself and learn so much about one's one culture while experiencing others. It gets in your blood. For the majority of people, they only want to travel more and push their own limits" says Professor Prevost.

As an added benefit, he reports that the majority of his students who partake in a study abroad program in Latin America return with a renewed interest in studying and speaking Spanish. He states, "many get consumed into really wanting to improve their Spanish speaking skills."

Aside from the purely academic benefits, he notes that his participants reap benefits that simply aren't available by studying a foreign language at home. "Traveling and living in another country provides individuals the opportunity to see the world on a more global view. It challenges oneself to see that the United States isn't the center of the world. Students see that other people are much more similar than different. They fall in love with the warmth of the people they meet and the world becomes smaller and closer."

Professor Prevost has organized and will be leading the 2016 Summer Spanish Program in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

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