International Studies Frequently Asked Questions

International Studies Program FAQs -

Who is eligible to participate in an international studies program?

Participants must be at least 18 years or older and have a valid US passport or the ability to obtain one prior to booking of travel.  Participants under age 18 may participate in the program if accompanied by a parent or legal guardian also participating in the program.

Study abroad programs are open to both students and community members, however some programs do require concurrent enrollment in specific classes.  For example, a program studying in Spain may require enrollment in a Spanish class.  Other programs have no class-specific enrollment requirement.  See specific program brochure for requirements.


How much does an international studies experience cost?

The costs associated with an international studies program do vary by country and duration of program.  CAC works closely with host country programs to keep expenses at a minimum.  Students are responsible for program fee, airfare, and incidental expenses.  See specific program brochure for a break-down of fees. 

It is important to know that all program fees must be paid prior to start of program.

Financial aid may be used toward program fees and some scholarships are available for international study programs.


Can I use financial aid?

Generally, yes, financial aid, such as Pell grants, can be used to offset program costs. 

Students participating in a study abroad or exchange program are eligible to receive Title IV, HEA program assistance to pay for tuition charges, study abroad program fees, and living expenses whil on study abroad/exchange if:

  • The student remains enrolled as a regular student in an eligible program at an eligible instituion during his or her program of study abroad; and
  • The eligible instituion approves the program of study abroad for academic credit.  The study abroad program need not be required as part of the student's eligible degree program; and
  • The educational institution enters into a written arrangement with a foreign institution, or an organization acting on behalf of a foreign institution, under which the foreign institution provides part of the educational program of students enrolled in the eligible institution.

Students qualifying for work-study cannot utilize that award during their time abroad.

Undergraduate students who wish to include the cost of airfare or other extraordinary expenses in the cost of attendance budgeted for loan application purposes may do so via direct appeal to the CAC Financial Aid Office.

Students who anticipate receiving a refund should make arrangements for electronic deposit of said refund while abroad.

Questions on financial aid can be directed to CAC Financial Aid at


Are scholarships available?

Many institutions offer scholarships for international studies programs.  Please note that many require applications far in advance, so if you think you many want to participate in a study abroad program in the future, apply early and to as many scholarships as you can.

Some scholarship resources:

Gilman Scholarship Program:


How long does each program last?

Program durations do vary, but most are between 9-12 days in the host country.  Occasionally, a program with a longer duration may become available, such as a full semester exchange.


Do I need travel/health insurance?

Yes.  To ensure the safety of our students and staff, Central Arizona College does require all participants in study abroad programs to purchase short-term insurance.  Many programs (including those to Mexico and Ireland) will require participants to enroll with iNext (  This low cost insurance is less than $30 for a 2 week program for participants under 60 years old.  CAC will provide assistance with enrollment and iNext will assist with any in-country emergency situations.


Do I need any vaccinations to travel abroad?

For many countries, especially in North America and Europe, no special vaccinations are required to travel.  For some programs, like our semester exchange in China, the host university will supply necessary vaccinations.  

We highly recommend visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website which has a great tool for all travelers:


Will I travel alone or with other students?

In most cases, CAC works with a travel agency to arrange flights so that all students and faculty arrive in the host country on the same day and within a certain time window.  Other programs require students to arrange flights independently and meet up with the rest of the group in the host country.  The International Program staff at CAC will assist in arranging travel, but students are responsible for payment of airfare.


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