Honors Program


2017 Spring- SMC Ted and Tacos
HNR204/205 students with Dr. Johnson

The Promise of Challenge

For information about the Honors Program, peruse the information links below and contact the Honors Faculty & staff.

Professor/Director of Honors: Dr. Carol Johnson
520-494-5108, carol.johnson8@centralaz.edu

Honors Program Dean:  Dr. Terri Ackland
520-494-5363, terri.ackland@centralaz.edu       

Honors Academic Division Assistant: Michelle Gomez
520-494-5380; honors.education@centralaz.edu                                                           

CAC's Honors Program is designed with academically outstanding students in mind. Throughout the two-year program, students are encouraged to research, discover and debate ideas--questioning all the while. The capstone experience is each student's Honors Project, which typically is exciting for the whole Honors community as well as the broader CAC community.

Within the Honors Program structure, each student takes courses in common with other honors students and also chooses courses of particular interest to him/herself. The selected courses are sometimes called "extended courses" because they start as existing courses that are extended to challenge Honors Program students.

Honors Program Application
Honors Recommendation Form
(Recommender can use this form or create their own letter)
Fall 2017 Application Deadline is August 7, 2017.

NOTE: Honors courses only offered face to face at the Signal Peak Campus or at the Superstition Mountain Campus.

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