Honors Presentation Schedule

CAC's Honors Program is designed with academically outstanding students in mind. CAC Honors students conduct undergraduate research projects and would like to invite you to attend their Honor's Program Presentations for Fall 2016.

Fall 2016 Honor's Presentation Schedule

Signal Peak Campus-

Monday, November 28 SPC, T116
3:00 PM Dominc Savana- The Next Individuals with Disabilities Education Acct
3:20 PM Sosha Beseke- How Well Siblings are Affected by a Sibling's Diagnosis of Cancer
3:40 PM Kylie Apodaca- Oasis Pavilion: Behind the Scenes
4:00 PM Skye Johnson-Effects on Exercise Induced Pulmonary Hemmorage

Wednesday, November 30 SPC, M101
3:00 PM Thao Nguyen- Human Factors in Japanese Education System
3:20 PM Attalie Faint- Bottle of Joy: A Piece of Fiction
3:40 PM Michaela Korges- I Will Make All Nerds Disappear!
4:00 PM Nathaniel Faint- 3D Printing: The Cornerstone of the Makerspace Movement

Monday, December 5 SPC, T116
3:00 PM Casey Haller- Effects on the Body from Running
3:20 PM Mekenna Miller- Hong Kong and Phoenix: How the Cultural, Economics, and Environmental Similarities and Differences Affect Immigration from Hong Kong to Phoenix.
3:40 PM Yuliana Toledo- Taxes
4:00 PM Jhanire Gastelum- Art Therapy as Psychotherapy

Wednesday, December 7 SPC, T116
3:00 PM Holly Langan- Parental Involvement's Affect on Student Academic Achievement
3:20 PM Moriah Faint- Building a Bicycle Generator: A Proof of Concept
3:40 PM Matthew Malan- Procrastination: Why, How & Stopping
4:00 PM Sofya Pangburn- The Dramatic Evoluntion and Application of Modern Chinese Feminism

Thursday, December 8 SMC, F129
3:00 PM Kevin Abke- The Future of Ethics
3:20 PM Naomi Barraza- Bacha Posh: A Hidden Resistance in Afghanistan
3:40 PM Aidan Bjelland- Federal Civil Rights and the Perception of Protected Classes
4:00 PM Angela Campos- The Health Benefits of Venison
4:20 PM Edna Garcia- Animation over the Years
4:45 PM Vanessa Jones (Seminar Student)- Parenting Styles

Wednesday, December 14 SPC, M101
3:00 PM Nicholas Larsen- The Food Truck Industry: History & Current Business Review
3:20 PM Jacquilyn Mitchell- Music and Academic Success
3:40 PM Bradan Steger- The Roles of Sports Coaches

Thursday, December 15 SMC, F129
3:00 PM Jordan Bell- Circumcision: Men, Women, Boys & Girls
3:20 PM Jennifer Gibson- Connection of Love has the Power to Heal
3:40 PM Vanessa Jones (Seminar Student)-Learned Behaviors in Children with Down Syndrome

You may contact the Honors Office at (520) 494-5380 for further information.

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