Introduction to District Honors Programs and Services

Western Regional Honors Conference-2016
Alex Koltz, Olivia Jaqua, Jennifer Montreuil,
Cassandra Holcombe, Alejandra Cano, & Dr. Johnson

Introduction to District Honors Programs and Services

District Honors Programs and Services offers exciting opportunities for academically exceptional students.

  1. The The Honors Program is a structured program that encourages students to question, research, discover and debate ideas, as well as to create focused projects that stimulate students and their mentors. Within the structure, each student takes courses in common with other honors students and also chooses courses of particular interest to him/herself.
  2. Another opportunity is membership in Phi Theta Kappa, the international honor society that fosters leadership, fellowship, scholarship and service.
  3. Being selected for inclusion on the All-Arizona/All-USA Academic Teams is a very high honor. The reward for all the application work, say past winners, is worth the effort required; winners are rewarded with valuable scholarships. In addition, all applicants learn skills that help them become successful at applying for scholarships—a good skill to have.

Vision Statements

Vision of CAC

A dynamic partner … enriching your future through learning.

Vision of CAC's District Honors Programs and Services

Honors education is a community of District Honors Programs and Services students, faculty, staff, community members and other stakeholders—all dynamic partners. Built on a foundation of mutual support, the honors community is dedicated to academic rigor, high standards, ethical behavior and the pursuit of personal and professional growth for CAC's academic environment. 

Mission Statements

Mission of CAC

Central Arizona College provides a vibrant environment centered on learning and learner success.

Our diverse college community values the power of innovation, continuous quality improvement and the contribution of the individual.

Our commitment is to act as a catalyst for economic and cultural vibrancy and to inspire individuals to pursue their unique goals.

Mission of District Honors Programs & Services

The mission specific to District Honors Programs & Services includes the commitment to:

    • Encourage the passionate pursuit of learning.
    • Promote academic excellence throughout CAC's environment through continuous quality improvement.
    • Develop a comprehensive and integrated structure for current and future District Honors Programs & Services students.
    • Articulate the Honors Program courses to universities.
    • Challenge students to do and be their best.
    • Facilitate student skill in writing, presentation, and academic research.
    • Foster a learner-centered culture that demonstrates the vision of District Honors Programs & Services.
    • Sponsor opportunities at the local and state level that foster and highlight student academic achievement and promote honors education and CAC. 
    • Develop resources and opportunities for CAC students for collaborative work, employment, and scholarships at Arizona's state-supported universities.
    • Provide opportunities for students to learn through experience and exposure to scholarly and cultural activities and events.
    • Administer District Honors Programs & Services scholarships.
    • Manage the District Honors Programs & Services budget, in collaboration with CAC staff.

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