Social & Behavioral Science Division

Signal Peak Campus
S. Leroy Hoyt Hall
Room: S124
Phone: 520-494-5368
Fax: 520-494-5352
Division Chair: Sue Warner

The social and behavioral sciences focus on:

  • Studying, conceptualizing, theorizing, understanding, and explaining human culture and behavior across a range of historical periods, places, culture, and social structures
  • Exploring interactions between and reactions to individuals, groups and the environment
  • Understanding the manifest and latent functions of institutions (educational, political, economic, socio-cultural) that evolve from and serve as an integral part of human society
  • The end goal of Social and Behavioral Science courses is to allow students to grasp the underlying reciprocal forces shaping and shaped by individuals and society thus helping students to function effectively within an environment that includes other individuals with whom they may not share the same world-view.

To meet our mission, the Social & Behavioral Science Division offers studies in the areas of Administration of Justice, Anthropology, Archaeology, Counseling & Personal Development, Geography, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology. We also offer specialized programs in Justice Studies and Social Work. It is the goal of the division to offer to students additional programs in Behavioral Health Technician and Oral History beginning Fall, 2009.

In order to serve the needs of the students and the community the division offers these courses in various modalities including ITV, online courses and hybrid courses. To further assist students in achieving their academic goals, classes are available in an array of times from early morning to evening and weekend courses. Most classes continue to be offered in as both regular and condensed courses.

Our highly qualified instructors enhance learning through community connections such as field trips, guest speakers, community projects and internships. Social & Behavioral Science faculty stay abreast of the latest in their respective areas of expertise through continuing faculty development opportunities to ensure student success. The office is staffed by dedicated employees who offer their skills to make the department successful.

The Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences serves other departmental programs by fulfilling several special awareness areas so that students are better able to reach their academic goals.

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