Radiologic Technology Curriculum

Associate of Applied Science Degree


General Education Requirements – Prerequisites (24 credits)

Written Communications (3)

Mathematics (3) -MAT121 Intermediate Algebra, Standard or higher course

BIO201 Human Anatomy-Physiology I (4)
BIO202 Human Anatomy-Physiology II (4)

Oral Communications (3)

Physical Education Activity (1), excluding varsity sports

Social and Behavioral Science (3)

Arts and Humanities (3)

Prerequisite Course (May be taken after Admission to Program) (3 credits)

Medical Terminology (3)

Major Course Sequence

1st Trimester-Spring
RAD100 Fundamentals of Radiologic Science and Health Care (1)
RAD110 Radiographic Positioning I (4)
RAD120 Principles of Radiographic Exposure I (3)

 2nd Trimester-Summer

RAD130 Patient Care in Radiologic Science (2)
RAD140 Practicum I (240-280 hours) (3)
RAD160 Radiographic Positioning II (4)

3rd Trimester-Fall

RAD150 Radiation Physics I (3)
RAD170 Principles of Radiographic Exposure II (3)
RAD180 Practicum II (240-280 hours) (3)

4th Trimester-Spring

RAD200 Practicum III (600-650 hours) (7)

5th Trimester-Summer

RAD210 Radiation Physics II (3)
RAD230 Radiobiology and Radiation Protection (3)
RAD240 Practicum IV (360-390 hours) (4)

6th Trimester-Fall

RAD250 Basic Pharmacology and Drug Administration (1)
RAD260 Radiographic Pathology (2)
RAD270 Advanced Imaging (2)
RAD280 Registry Review (3)
RAD290 Practicum V (360-390 hours) (4)

Total Degree Credit Hours
(79 credits)


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