Theater Department

What we are about

We are dedicated to discovering and developing challenging, engrossing theater. We believe in the student as the primary force in creating memorable theater. We believe each experience in theater should be an event where all participants combine their efforts to induce an emotional reaction from members of the audience, getting them personally involved.

We strive to help members of the audience hear new voices and see new perspectives that can mingle with their own experiences resulting in a fresh discovery of the world around them and creating a dialogue that continues long after the curtain falls.

We envision out theater as a home where students are empowered to do their best by giving them artistic freedom, a strong sense of community and full institutional support.

A balanced, well rounded theatrical experience develops confidence and assurance that enables individuals to move from competence to excellence in whatever profession they may choose, such as careers in film, television, stage, management, marketing, advertising, law, politics, theology, social work, communications and therapeutic fields.

Home away from home

One of the many advantages of studying theater at Central Arizona College is the sense of family and community. Regardless of the level of involvement, students will find themselves among peers. Students who leave home for the first time or who are searching for an educational direction quickly become part of the Central Arizona College family while in our program.

Theater courses are unlike typical classes where students attend lectures, take notes and have limited interaction. We are a diverse community of students from varied backgrounds, ages and interests. Some students are from other countries. Each is here to succeed and also to help fellow students become successful. A great deal of time is spent developing friendships and building trust that fosters a safe, nurturing environment.

Where from here?

We help you determine when and where to go next. Most of our students continue with four-year degrees. Some have found work in the technical theater while others are acting on stage or in film. For those furthering their education, we provide information on the differences and values of both liberal arts and fine arts degrees.

What awaits you?

  • Beginning Acting I & Beginning Acting II
  • Intermediate Acting I & Intermediate Acting II
  • Introduction to Cinema... Online or Face-to-Face
  • Contemporary Cinema... Online or Face-to-Face
  • Theater Appreciation
  • Introduction to Performing Arts
  • Theater Workshop: Drama
  • Theater Workshop: Stagecraft
  • Introduction to Technical Theater
  • Introduction to Lighting
  • Stagecraft
  • Two full productions annually that may include plays, musical theater, originally conceived works or Theater for Youth.
  • Performing Arts Center with a 700-seat proscenium theater. Computer assisted technical support, including an updated computerized lighting system.
  • Black Box for student-directed or written productions.
  • WORKSTUDY jobs and earning money teching road shows.
  • SCHOLARSHIPS designated for students studying theater.

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