2014 Summer Spanish Immersion Program

2014 Summer Spanish Immersion Program
Costa Rica and Cuernavaca, Mexico
Registration Deadline - May 1, 2014

Cuernavaca, Mexico Printable Brochure

Costa Rica Printable Brochure

The annual Spanish immersion program to Costa Rica and Cuernavaca Mexico sponsored through Central Arizona College will take place in the summer of 2014. The summer immersion program will consist of one or two, two week sessions beginning in early June.The program will be led by CAC's Spanish professor John Prevost who will be accompanying and leading the participating students during the entire four week program. Students will be based at the renowned Costa Rican Spanish Institute (COSI) and the wonderful language school in Cuernavaca, Mexico named Universal. The Cosa Rica incredible program offers the unique opportunity for students to study half their stay in San Jose and the other half of their stay on the beautiful Pacific coast at the Manual Anotio Beach and National Park area. The Cuernavaca, Mexico program offers the opportunity for students to study in the heart of Cuernavaca, which is centrally located to many places of interest. These convenient locations offer access to a wide range of public services and places of interest.

The Costa Rica trip offers two 14 day sessions:
June 1st through June 14th
June 15th through June 28th

The Cuernavaca, Mexico trip offers two 14 day sessions:

June 29th through July 12th


July 13th through July 26th

Session I: Students traveling to Costa Rica will be leaving the Phoenix airport together and arriving in San Jose, Costa Rica on Sunday in the early evening. Students traveling to Cuernavaca, Mexico will be leaving the Phoenix airport together and arriving in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Students will then be picked up at the airport and brought directly to the families that they will be staying with. On Saturday, June 14th, students will be returned to the San Jose Airport and return to Phoenix. Students traveling to Cuernavaca, Mexico will return to the airport on July 12th.

Session II: Students will be leaving from Phoenix and arriving in San Jose on Sunday, June 15th. Students traveling to Cuernavaca, Mexico will be leaving from Phoenix on July 13th. Professor Prevost will meet the second group at the airport and deliver the students to their families. All returning students will be leaving San Jose on Saturday, June 28th, or Cuernavaca, Mexico on July 26th accompanied by Professor Prevost.

San Jose is the captial city of Costa Rica with a population of 380,000. San Jose is centrally located in the mountains and students can expect spring like temperatures.

Cuernavaca, Mexico is world famous for its tropical climate, impressive archaeological ruins and spectacular valley scenery. The location is 90 minutes from Mexico City and at 5,000 feet above sea level boasts pleasant year round temperatures of 70 to 80 degrees.

Manuel Antonio Beach in Costa Rica is located on the Pacific Ocean. This national park area boasts some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the country, along with forest, mangrove swamps and lagooons. Sloths, iguanas and the rare and adorable squirrel monkeys are just a few of the 109 species of mammals and 184 types of birds that inhabit here.

Costa Rica Spanish Institute (COSI)
COSI has two campuses, the first located in the outskirts of the capital San Jose where students will spend the first half of their stay. Students will spend the second half of their stay at the second campus located at the Manuel Antonio Beach area.

COSI has been a Spanish language Institute since 1994. Many community and four year colleges have been sending their students and offering full semester exchange programs through COSI since its inception.

About Universal

The basic philosophy of Universal is that while a precisely defined core program is fundamental to ensuring the learning of the structure of the language, it is equally import that each student's course of study be appropriately greared for his or her aptitude, previous experiences, personal interests, and ongoing rate of progress during the program.

Education and Activities
Travelers and students can expect a wonderful experience while attending 4 hours of Spanish courses daily with native professional instructors in small class sizes (max 6 students). School will begin at 8:00 a.m. every Monday through Friday. Students participating in either session will be enrolled in SPA- 117 Latin American Culture and Spanish Conversation. Students who will be participating for both sessions will also take SPA -118 Latin American Culture and Spanish Conversational II. Students will earn 3 credits for each 14 day session or 6 credits for attending both sessions. A number of educators from all over Arizona who have participated in past Spanish immersion programs have greatly benefited from the program.

Students will be offered an almost daily schedule of outside cultural classes and activities. The weekends will consist of two full days of excursions.

There will be a number of cultural activities on the campuses such as dancing and cooking classes, organized beach volleyball and many Costa Rican or Mexican culture lectures. There will also be excursions to neighboring areas such as the Poas Volcano Museums, Robert Brady Museum, the Teopanzolco Archaelogical site, rain forests, coffee plantations, national parks, beautiful beaches, and fascinating other sites.

Students will be staying with wonderful handpicked families from COSI or Universal. Most families have been selected by their close proximity to the COSI or Universal campuses and their ability to work with foreign travelers. They are also selected and monitored by the program so that they are engaging with their guests and great representatives of the warm Costa Rican or Mexican culture and offer the student intense language practice and a full cultural experience.

All families are middle class families that will provide comfortable accommodations. Each student will have their own private room if wanted. Students will also be offered the option of alternative housing in a hotel or apartment.

Program Fees
Round-Trip Flight Estimate: $800.00 to Costa Rica or $500.00 to Cuernavaca, Mexico.

All students are responsible for purchasing their own airline ticket and should make this a first priority. CAC works with the A.D.A. travel agency (520-836-7411) to assist students in booking flights for the Spanish immersion summer program, or flights can be arranged independently.

Two week session COSI program: $1,400

Two week session Universal program: $1,631

Four week session COSI program: $2,300

Includes 40 hours (per session) of intense classes, cultural classes, sponsored activities, excursions, home stay including own room, breakfast, dinner and laundry service, airport pick up and
drop off, internet access.

*There is a $29 exit tax to leave Costa Rica
*A valid passport is required for travel to Costa Rica and Cuernavaca.

Central Arizona College 3 Credits: $231.00
4 week session will earn 6 credits: $462.00

Central Arizona College Spanish Professor John Prevost will supervise and lead the program for the entire duration. He has led numerous Spanish immersion programs to Mexico and Costa Rica for the past fifteen years.

If interested in finding out more information about this opportunity, please contact Spanish Professor John Prevost at john.prevost@centralaz.edu or at (520) 494-5386. Professor Prevost will then send the registration form and informational letter and walk you through the registration and payment fees through the college.

The due date is May 1, 2014.

Central Arizona College - District Office 8470 N. Overfield Road, Coolidge, AZ 85128 Phone: 800-237-9814