Associate of Arts degree description

Associate of Arts (A.A.) Degree
(60 - 64 credits)

The A.A. degree is appropriate for students who plan to transfer to the university to earn a baccalaureate degree in areas such as Administration of Justice, Advertising, Agri-Business, Agriculture, American Studies, Anthropology, Art, Art History, Broadcasting, Communication, Creative Writing, Dramatic Theory, Early Childhood Education, Economics, English, Exercise Science, Fine Arts, Geography, History, Hotel/Restaurant Management, Interdisciplinary Arts/Performance, Interdisciplinary Studies, Journalism, Languages, Liberal Arts, Mathematics, Media Arts, Music, Philosophy, Physical Education, Political Science, Psychology, Public Programs, Public Relations, Recreation and Tourism, Religious Studies, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Social Work, Sociology, and Theatre.

This degree is comprised of three components:
     1.   A block of 35-36 credits of Arizona General Education Curriculum courses- AGEC-A 
     2.   24-29 credits of Major Common Courses and Transferable Electives
     3.   Additional CAC degree requirements

AGEC-A (35-36 credits)
The AGEC-A satisfies requirements in many liberal arts programs and other programs that articulate with an A.A. degree.  AGEC-A requires a minimum of College Mathematics plus 32 credits from specific AGEC categories.  AGEC-A courses are transferable to all three Arizona public universities provided they are completed with a grade of "C" or better.  The current list of approved AGEC-A courses can be found in our current catalog (pages 60-62) or online; and/or see your Academic Advisor to create a Master Academic Plan (MAP). 



AGEC-A Categories

  • Written Communication (6 credits)
    • ENG101-English Composition III (3 credits)
    • ENG102-English Composition IV (3 credits)

For the following categories, select courses from the equivalent category on the AGEC course list for this academic year:

  • Oral Communications (3 credits)
  • Arts and Humanities (6-9 credits)
    • Select a minimum of one Arts course (3 credits) and one Humanities course (3 credits)
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences (6-9 credits)
    • Select courses to fulfill this requirement from at least two different disciplines
  • Biological and Physical Lab Sciences (8 credits)
    • Select courses with a laboratory component
  • Mathematics (3-5 credits)
    • MAT141-College Mathematics (4 credits) or higher
  • Special Requirements (0-9 credits)
    • Please note that courses from Oral Communications, Arts/Humanities, Social/Behavioral Sciences or Transfer Electives may also "double-dip" to meet Special Requirements. A course may not be used to satisfy more than one Special Requirement category. 
      • Intensive Writing / Critical Inquiry (3 credits)
      • Cultural - Ethnic / Race / Gender  - Awareness (3 credits)
      • Global / International - Historical Awareness (3 credits)

Major Common Courses and Transferable Electives
For a list of recommended common courses that meet university major requirements, refer to the specific Major Guide on the AZTRANSFER website at ;and/or see your Academic Advisor to create a Master Academic Plan (MAP).

To verify transferability of elective courses, refer to the Course Equivalency Guide on the AZTRANSFER website at; and/or see your Academic Advisor to create a Master Academic Plan (MAP).

Additional CAC Degree Requirements

  • Reading Competency: RDG094-College Reading or appropriate score on reading placement assessment
  • Computer Competency: CIS120-Survey of Computer Information Systems (3 credits) or AGB124-Microcomputers in Agriculture (3 credits)
  • Grade of "C" or better in each course applied toward the degree
  • Minimum of 20 credits completed at CAC
  • Minimum of 15 credits in the AGEC-A completed at CAC

Other Degree Considerations
Many four-year degrees require either a second- or fourth-semester level proficiency of a second language and strongly encourage students to complete this requirement at the community college prior to transfer.  To determine second language requirements for your degree, check your university catalog, visit the Arizona Transfer resource at, or meet with an Academic Advisor.  Students may demonstrate proficiency by completion of coursework and/or a proficiency test.  CAC offers Spanish, French and Sign Language.  Contact an Academic Advisor for assistance.

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