THE - Theater

 THE100  Theater Appreciation
 THE101  Beginning Acting I
 THE102  Beginning Acting II
 THE103  Introduction to Technical Theater
 THE104  Stagecraft
 THE105  Lighting 1
 THE110  Stage Combat
 THE111  Improvisational Acting
 THE112  Introduction to the Performing Arts
 THE113  Theater Workshop: Stagecraft
 THE115  Introduction to Cinema
 THE116  Contemporary Cinema
 THE119  Theater Workshop: Drama
 THE163  Scenic Design
 THE164  Costume Design
 THE165  Makeup Design
 THE203  Intermediate Acting I
 THE204  Intermediate Acting II
 THE205  Stagecraft II
 THE261  Acting for the Camera
 THE262  Meisner Acting Technique I
 THE270  Education through Drama in the Elementary Classroom

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