RAD - Radiology

RAD100  Fundamentals of Radiologic Science and Health Care
RAD110  Radiographic Positioning I
RAD120  Principles of Radiographic Exposure I
RAD130  Patient Care in Radiologic Science
RAD140  Practicum I
RAD150  Radiation Physics I
RAD160  Radiographic Positioning II
RAD170  Principles of Radiographic Exposure II
RAD180  Practicum II
RAD200  Practicum III
RAD210  Radiation Physics II
RAD220  Radiographic Positioning and Anatomy III
RAD230  Radiobiology and Radiation Protection
RAD240  Practicum IV
RAD250  Pharmacology and Venipuncture 
RAD260  Radiographic Pathology
RAD270  Advanced Imaging
RAD280  Registry Review
RAD290  Practicum V

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