PED - Physical Education

 PED100    History and Philosophical Foundations of Sport and Physical Education
 PED101    History of Intercollegiate Athletics   
 PED102    The Management of Sport   
 PED103    Foundations of Exercise
 PED104    Anatomical Kinesiology
 PED105    Women and Sport in the U.S. 
 PED108    Introduction to Athletic Training
 PED109A  Athletic Training Practicum I
 PED109B  Athletic Training Practicum II
 PED109C  Athletic Training Practicum III
 PED109D  Athletic Training Practicum IV
 PED112    Introduction to Strength Training
 PED114    Introduction to Coaching
 PED115    Coaching Methods I
 PED202A  Team Sports Officiating - Baseball
 PED202B  Team Sports Officiating - Basketball
 PED202C  Team Sports Officiating - Football
 PED202D  Team Sports Officiating - Soccer
 PED202E  Team Sports Officiating - Softball
 PED202F  Team Sports Officiating - Volleyball
 PED209    Introduction to Rehabilitation Techniques
 PED215    Coaching Methods II

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