MET - Manufacturing Engineering Tech

MET102  Machine Processing, Theory and Application
MET106  Industrial Safety
MET110  Introduction to Quality Assurance
MET125  Principles of Fabrication
MET127  Manufacturing Process and Materials
MET131  Lean Manufacturing
MET132  Fluid Power (Hydraulics-Pneumatics)
MET150  VB.NET for Engineering
MET201  Electric Motors and Drives
MET206  CNC Programming
MET207  CNC Mill: Operator Training I
MET208  CNC Lathe: Operator Training I
MET209  CNC Mill: Operator Training II
MET210  CNC Lathe: Operator Training II
MET215  Measurement Systems and Machine Tool Math
MET216  Properties of Materials
MET219  Advanced Manufacturing Process
MET221  Electro-Mechanical Technology  
MET226  Electro-Mechanical Systems
MET227  Advanced Machine Tools
MET230  Semiconductor I - Seminar
MET232  Solids Modeling - Solidworks
MET233  Materials and Metal Cutting
MET234  Drill Press Operations
MET235  Vertical Mill Machining
MET236  Lathe Operations
MET240  DeviceNet
MET245  Variable Frequency Drive
MET250  Factory Talk
MET261  LabVIEW I Programming
MET262  LabVIEW 2 Programming
MET263  LabVIEW 3 Programming
MET264  LabVIEW FPGA Applications
MET265  LabVIEW Overview
MET289  Advanced Technology Capstone
MET290  Material, Safety and Equipment Overview for Nanotechnology
MET291  Basic Nanotechnology Processes
MET292  Materials in Nanotechnology
MET293  Patterning for Nanotechnology
MET294  Materials Modification in Nanotechnology
MET295  Characterization, Testing of Nanotechnology Structures and Materials

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