FSC - Fire Science Technology

FSC106    Introduction to Emergency Services
FSC108    Fundamentals of Fire Prevention
FSC109    Fire Protection Systems
FSC110    Fire & Emergency Services Safety & Survival
FSC111    Emergency Driver Operator
FSC117    Fire Apparatus and Equipment
FSC118    Fire Hydraulics
FSC119    Fire Service Ethics
FSC126    Urban Technical Rescue: Rope Rescue I
FSC129    Hazardous Materials First Responder Operations
FSC130    Fitness for Firefighters/CPAT
FSC134    Fitness and Conditioning for Firefighters
FSC140    Firefighter I and II  
FSC180    Wildland Fire, Module I
FSC181    NWCG Advanced Firefighter Training, S131
FSC182    NWCG Portable Pumps and Water Use, S211
FSC183    NWCG Wildland Power Saws, S212
FSC185    NWCG Basic Incident Command System, I-200
FSC186    NWCG Crew Boss (Single Resource), S-230
FSC187    NWCG Engine Boss (Single Resource), S-231
FSC188    NWCG Ignition Operations, S-234
FSC189    NWCG Interagency Incident Business Management, S-260
FSC190    NWCG Basic Air Operations, S-270
FSC191    NWCG Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior, S-290
FSC192    Initial Attack Incident Commander
FSC193    Followership to Leadership
FSC202    Supervisory Training for Firefighters
FSC203    Fire Operations in the Wildland/Urban Interface
FSC204    Firefighting Tactics and Strategy
FSC205    Command Strategies for Major Emergencies
FSC206    Fire Department Health and Safety Officer
FSC208    Firefighter Safety and Building Construction
FSC209    Fire Origin, Cause and Determination
FSC220    Fire Officer Leadership
FSC238    Vehicular Extrication and Victim Stabilization
FSC250    Ladder Company Officer
FSC252    Engine Company Officer
FSC255    Fire Instructor I
FSC256    Fire and Emergency Services Instructor Level II

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