CUL - Culinary

CUL105  Food Safety Foundations
CUL108  Culinary Boot Camp
CUL110  Asian Cuisine
CUL112  Italian Cuisine
CUL114  Mexican and Latin American Cuisine
CUL116  French Cuisine
CUL118  Native American and Southwest Cuisine
CUL121  Culinary Concepts
CUL122  Culinary Culture Seminar
CUL125  Sustainable Food Practices

CUL130  Culinary Principles and Applications I
CUL142  Applied Food Science
CUL160`  Baking and Pastry I
CUL161  Cake Decorating
CUL162  Cakes, Fillings, and Frostings
CUL170  Dining and Beverage Operations
CUL185  Catering Operations
CUL205  HACCP Principles
CUL230  Culinary Principles and Applications II

CUL260  Baking and Pastry II
CUL261  Advanced Cake Decorating
CUL262  Specialty and Wedding Cakes
CUL263  Everything Chocolate
CUL264  Confectionary Show Pieces
CUL265  Artisan and Specialty Breads
CUL266  Advanced Pastry
Nutrition and Special Needs Baking 
CUL290  Commercial Cooking Practicum
CUL292  Study Abroad: Italian Cuisine and Culture

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