UFBA/CAC Faculty Exchange


As part of the ongoing exchange Agreement between Central Arizona College and Universidade Federal de Bahia, in Salvador, Brazil, will be exchanging professors during the spring semester of 2013.

UFBA will be sending a visiting professor to teach at CAC during this coming fall semester. Her name is Professor Angela Machado Rocha and during her stay she will be hosted by the CAC Communications Division.

 Professor Rocha is a chemical engineer at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA), specializing in Petrochemical Processes. She also holds a degree in Master Business Administration in Marketing from Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV). She is a consultant at the incubator Inovapoli-Technological Base of the Federal Polytechnic School at the Federal University of the Bahia, researcher of Lablaser-Chemistry Institute of UFBA, and member of the Reinforcement System of Innovation in the UFBA. She is an auditor for the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA-UK) and presently pursuing her doctoral degree at CIENAM (Interdisciplinary Center in Energy and Environment) at UFBA, Brazil. Her field of specialization is biodiesel production and innovation. From June to September/2012, she was a Faculty Staff of Georgia Institute of Technology, as part of her PhD study.

During her stay Professor Rocha will teach three courses at CAC. They are:
--Monday and Wednesday from 12:00 to 1:15PM - Brazilian Culture (This will be a course taught via iTV)
--Tuesday and Thursday from 12:00 to 1:15PM - Conversational Portuguese
--Friday from 12:30 to 2:30 - Biofuel Production and Design

Professor Rocha's exchange visit is a result of a Fulbright Scholar-in-Resident Grant that CAC received two years ago. That grant allowed Professor Fellippe Ramos to travel from UFBA to CAC to teach for two semesters. The resulting on-going agreement between CAC and UFBA, will also provide funding to CAC's Professor Ginny Atkinson travel to UFBA in the spring of 2013 to teach in the School of Engineering.

Ginny Atkinson, a popular professor at CAC, had this to say about her upcoming experience:

 "Working with the diverse student body at Central Arizona College for the past 18 years has been a rich and rewarding experience. Currently I teach literature and freshman composition courses, and recently I taught honors seminar and colloquia courses. These experiences have given me the opportunity to teach writing at different levels and for different purposes.

In addition to helping composition students develop their research, analysis, synthesis, and argumentation skills, I have helped guide honors students through the process of developing library research, field research and creative projects in many different disciplines. I use active learning methods whenever appropriate in order to encourage team building, problem solving and critical thinking.

For the past years as honors director and a student organization sponsor I have also worked extensively with students outside of the classroom. Participating in service learning activities, academic conferences and other enrichment events engages students in ways that traditional classroom experiences often do not. By actively experiencing things, reflecting on those experiences, then analyzing through discussion and writing, students come away with a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the material or concept being studied.

I have been an active and dedicated member of the college community, severing on numerous college, state and national committees. My experiences have included initiating the Arizona Honors Council, serving on the National Collegiate Honors Council Board, participating on the NCHC Two Year College Committee, implementing CAC's Academic Symposium student conference, as well as contributing to numerous panels and workshops at regional and national conferences.

I also have experience teaching English as a Second Language. My education includes an 18 credit hour ESL Specialization and I taught the ESL freshman composition sequence at the university as a graduate assistant and also during my first years at CAC. In addition, I designed and taught a beginning ESL life skills course in a community center.

My family has deep connections to Brazil, having lived in the state of Minas Gerais for a total of six years. I was two-years old when my family went to Brazil the second time and we came home when I was four. Since then, we have maintained close friendships there and visit every few years. I look forward to continuing this connection with Brazil."

Updates on and photos of the two professors' visit will be posted on this website periodically during their stay at their respective campuses.

For more information about the CAC International Studies Program contact Debbie Foster at debbie.foster@centralaz.edu or John Paddison at john.paddison@centralaz.edu .

Casa Grande
Professor Rocha at Casa Grands Ruins

Professor Rocha and her language and culture students at Frioada Luncheon

Students in Professor Atkinson's Brazilian English Class 3

Professor Atkinson's students Caio and Mateus at Lacerda

State Capital
Angela Rocha with Frank and Janice Pratt

Host Coordinator Dolores Underwood and Professor Rocha at the Grand Canyon

Brazilian Class at Outback Steakhouse

Students and Professor Atkinson enjoy themselves at MAM (The Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo)

Angela Rocha and Jean Paddison at Pueblo Grande Ruins

LV visit
Professor Rocha visits Las Vegas, Nevada, during CAC spring break

Students visit MAM (The Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo)

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