Brazil/China Exchange Participants

During the Fall Semester of 2012, the Central Arizona College Faculty/Student Exchange Program is hosting three more International visitors to the college. The first is visiting professor Hao Lixia, who is an English Professor in the Foreign Studies College at Northeastern University, Shenyang, China. Professor Hao is scheduled to teach three courses while she is here: CHI101 Elementary Chinese Language, HMS@)) Chinese Culture and Society, and CUL110 Asian Cuisine. In addition, the college will welcome two students from the Universidad Federal de Bahia in San Salvadore, Brazil. They are Vicot da Silva Pinto, a Productioin Engineering student, and Priscilla Caronline Veiga Leal de Mello, a Social Sciences student. All three participants are part of ongoing exchange programs.


Victor da Silva Pinto
I am a Production Engineering Undergraduate Student of the Federal University of Bahia, the oldest university in Brazil. I'm on the fourth year of six and I'm 20 years old. Although I'm a student, I have worked since I was 18 years old. I've worked for the Bank of Brazil and the Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil, both federal jobs, and in the start of this year I've worked in a project of the Royal Bank of Scotland, in Romania, to teach finance to high school students.

Learning languages has always been a passion for me. So far I speak fluently English and Spanish, intermediate German and basic Romanian. Also, travelling is one of my biggest interests. This year I've gone to ten different European countries and by the end of the year I'll reach fifteen countries visited so far in my lifetime.

 I am an only son, but my family is really big. I have over ten uncles and aunts and over twenty cousins and I really appreciate when some of them come to my house for Sunday lunch. I still live with my parents but I've already had good experiences of living by myself or sharing a dorm room. Other than travelling, I love hanging out or going to the cinema. Also, getting to know other people's culture and food is something I always look forward to. My goal is to live in ten different countries before I turn 30. I hope my time in the United States will be rewarding and I hope I can enjoy this with everyone I'll meet. Also, I hope I can talk to everyone in English, but I'll be more than happy to teach Portuguese to anyone who would like to learn. 

Priscilla Caroline Veiga Leal de Mello
My leisure time always includes a lot of exercises. I love running and I try to carry nice and healthy habits wherever I go.  I also like walking, hiking and dancing. I'm always open for new experiences and suggestions, too. I started doing some Yoga in Lisbon with some friends, which was an amazing experience, but unfortunately I didn't have the opportunity to keep doing it here. I also really like reading. That gives me great opportunities to know better the country, its language and culture.

I live with my father's family in Brazil; that includes my stepmother, my little 10 year old brother and an awesome dog. My mother lives in the suburb area nearby. She realized that having more space and green area for quality time with my other siblings and animals was very important, rather than being close to her work and living in a small apartment. I usually go there for the weekends with them, and it's a really nice time I always have over there.

I am really excited about meeting different people at CAC! I'm sure not many people in Arizona have had the opportunity to visit Brazil yet, so it will be nice to share some of my culture with everyone. I'm sure it will be really fun to do that exchange, and I intend to go open-hearted, and also bring back as many stories as possible.

Finally, I can say I hope to find another family at CAC, just as I can say I've found in all places I've already lived and carry it with me from that time on.

Professor Hao Lixia
I graduated from Fudan University in Shanghai in 1987. After graduation, I was assigned to work as a translator in the Information Section in the Designing Institute of Light Industry, which was located in Beijing. A year later I came back to teach in Northeastern University in Shenyang, my hometown, and got married. My teaching job keeps me busy, and there are always many things to do around the house. My parents and my sister's family are in Shenyang too. In my spare time I like reading books, admiring ancient Chinese poems, listening to music, dining out, chatting with friends, and shopping (though most of the time, just window-shopping, to see what's new, what's the latest fashion). I travel in the summer vacation in my country to see different places, things and people, and to be close to the nature. I hope to have more chance to improve my oral English and learn more about your country and culture during my stay in the United States. For those who are interested in Chinese language and culture, I'd be happy to be of help.



Professor Hao
Professor Hao Lixia, Professor of English, Foreign Studies College Northeastern University, Shenyang, China

Rotarian meeting
Terri Ackland, Victor Pinto, and Priscilla Mello at Casa Grande Rotary Meeting

Dolores Underwood, Hao Lixia, Xu Shichen (Professor Hao's son), Terri Ackland, Priscilla Mello, Victor Pinto, and Marty Nedom

O'Neil Park
Superintendent Frank Davidson, Mayor Bob Jackson, Victor Pinto, Supervisor David Snider, and Lixia Hao at a rally at O'Neil Park in Casa Grande

Victor da Silva Pinto, Production Engineering student, Universidad Federal de Bahia, Brazil

Casa Grande Park
Priscilla Mello and Victor Pinto hiking in Casa Grande Park

Visiting Professor Hao Lixia and her son Xu Shichen visit the home of Host Volunteer Claire Davis

Taste of Casa Grande
Victor Pinto and Professor Hao at 26th Annual "Taste of Casa Grande" celebration

Priscilla Caroline Veiga Leal de Mello, Social Sciences student, Universidad Federal de Bahia, Brazil

Park visit
Priscilla Mello visits Saguaro National Park with (R) Dolores Underwood, CAC Host Coordinator, and Fay Fisher, CAC Host Volunteer

Victor Pinto and Host Volunteer Sue Wortman at the "Sounds of Serenity" Concert, Paramount Theater

Casa Grande Mountain
Professor Lixia Hao hikes Casa Grande Mountain

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