2011 - CAC Student and Faculty Member in China

Joan Miller, a sophomore student at Central Arizona College, has been awarded a scholarship to attend Northeastern University in Shenyang, China, during the Spring Semester of 2011. In addition, Dr. Beth Krueger, Professor of Biology at the CAC Aravaipa Campus, taught as a visiting professor in the NEU Foreign Studies College during the same semester. Miller and Krueger traveled to NEU as part of the student/faculty exchange program that has been in existence since 2003. While at NEU, Miller was enrolled in Chinese language classes, as well as completing an independent study class in her major field of study; Krueger taught a variety of classes to Chinese students, from freshman to graduate student, during her time at the university. Photos of their experiences are below.

Joan Miller
CAC Sophomore Joan Miller, will complete an independent study in mathematics while in China

Fireworks in Shenyang
Joan Miller enjoys New Years Fireworks in Shenyang

The Xin Le Archeology Site
Professor Krueger and two students visit the Xin Le Archeology Site

Professor Krueger at the ancient city gate in Shenyang
Professor Krueger at the ancient city gate in Shenyang

Professor Krueger visits tieling
Professor Krueger travels to Tieling with Foreign Studies College Chair Liu Zhou and meets Liu Zhou's family

Nature Journals
Professor Krueger teaches journal writing to NEU students

Beth Krueger
NEU Professor Beth Krueger will teach all levels of Chinese students while at Northeastern University. Follow Dr. Krueger's blog at www.yardengineblog.info.

Chinese Pizza
Professor Beth Krueger experiences Chinese Pizza

Winter on the Great Wall of China
Joan Miller and Fellow NEU Student Sefat from Afganistan

Beijing, China
The Peoples' Square in Beijing

Street Market Photo
Joan Miller and Beth Krueger at the street market

Taxi Ride
Taxi Ride in Xiufan

Winter in Shenyang, China
Professor Beth Krueger and Joan Miller brave the winter cold in China

Temple Festival
Professor Krueger at the Temple Festival

Professor Krueger has dinner with former NEU Visiting Professor Jin Jinhong
Professors Krueger and Jin have dinner

Professor Krueger and Students
Professor Krueger and her English Writing Class students

Veggie Restaurant
Joan Miller at the View & World Vegetarian Restaurant

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