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Central Arizona College (CAC) offers four associate degrees which transfer to all three Arizona public universities:

These associate degrees require 60-64 semester credits and share four basic “blocks” in addition to CAC degree requirements, specifically: Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC), Common Courses, Special Requirements and Electives.  Students completing these degrees typically matriculate to an Arizona public university with junior status and only need an additional 56-60 university credits to complete a bachelor's degree consisting of 120 credits.   

Completion of an associate degree does not necessarily guarantee admission to a particular university’s program of study. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with both a CAC academic advisor and the target university’s admissions advisor.

CAC also offers students a variety of one- and two-year programs to meet their diverse interests and goals, including degrees and certificates in over 100 fields of study.

Associate of General Studies (A.G.S.)
The associate of general studies degree is an option for students wanting more flexibility in selecting courses and who do not plan to transfer. However, choosing the A.G.S. and fulfilling the AGEC requirements provides the opportunity for students to attend an Arizona public university at a later time.   Please refer to the current catalog for a full description of the A.G.S. requirements and/or contact an Academic Advisor to create a Master Academic Plan (MAP).  Students who plan to transfer with an A.G.S. should consult the catalog of the institution to which they plan to transfer and follow a similar program at Central.

Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)
The A.A.S. degree suits students who plan to directly enter the workforce of their chosen discipline.  Some state universities permit students with an A.A.S. degree to transfer most or all of their credits to a university. Students may also choose to pursue a Bachelor’s of Applied Science (B.A.S.). Consult with a CAC academic advisor and an advisor at the target university to determine the appropriate course plan.

Our certificate programs prepare students for entry-level employment opportunities: some certificates offer advanced training build foundations for future completion of an A.A.S. or A.G.S. degree.

Students selecting a certificate program must complete a minimum of one-third of the required certificate credits at CAC.  In addition, certificate students are required to earn a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale.

Students undecided about their academic program should meet with an academic advisor for assistance in exploring career and life goals, selecting a program that fits their talents and interests, and planning a timeline to achieve their academic goals based on course offerings.

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