Is a purchase order required for all purchases?
A requisition should be entered in Banner and a signed purchase order issued prior to an order being placed with a vendor. Vendors should not provide goods or services without a signed purchase order.

When do I have to request quotes and formal bids?
Three written quotes are required for purchases of $5,000-$49,999.99. A formal solicitation for Invitation for Bids (IFB's) or Request for Proposals (RFP's) are required for purchases of $50,000 and up.

How can I determine the status of a requisition in Banner?
You can check the status of a requisition in Banner by going to the FOIDOCH screen. This screen will indicate if a requisition has been approved. It will also show the purchase order number if the requisition has been converted into a purchase order.  Please Note:  A purchase order is not approved until it has been signed by the Director of Purchsing.  A golden rod copy of the signed purchase order will be sent to the requester.  A signed purchase order denotes approval by the College to purchase goods or services.

What is the process for setting up a new vendor in Banner?
All requests for new vendors must be approved by the Director of Purchasing. Requests for new vendor should be submitted to purchasing by means of a Vendor Add or Change form. Justification for requesting a new vendor must be stated on the form. Any supporting documentation and a W-9 form should also be sent to purchasing.

What is the process for moving equipment from one location to another?
An Equipment Transfer Form must be completed, signed by the requesting departments supervisor and forwarded to the Director of Purchasing for approval before furniture and equipment will be moved from one office or building to another.

Who is authorized to sign a contract on behalf of the college?
The President and all Vice Presidents have signing authority on behalf of the college. Staff and faculty members have no authority to obligate Central Arizona College in any contractual matter or sign an agreement.

Can I fax a purchase order?
Most purchase orders are mailed to the vendors by the purchasing department. The purchasing department should be notified when a requester or a vendor has special requirements for sending a purchase order.

How do I request Banner Requisition Training?
You can request Banner requisition training by contacting Rob Stephens at ext. 6701.

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