37 magnetic Eastern Pinal County children participate in 2011 College for Kids program

By Guy Harrison, Media & Marketing Specialist

MAMMOTH, Ariz. - Thirty-seven Eastern Pinal County children were recognized for completing this summer's College for Kids program, a combined effort among Central Arizona College's Aravaipa Campus, and the Mammoth-San Manuel and Kearny school districts.

The students were honored in the cafeteria of Mammoth Elementary School in front of an audience of family and friends on July 13.

Each year, College for Kids follows a specific theme from which the children learn. This year was about electricity and magnetism.

 Many of the students' projects were on display, including a clock powered by potatoes and fruit, and a solar oven. The students used the six-step scientific method during the camp.

College for Kids has built a long-standing reputation in Eastern Pinal County since its roots in 1981. The program selects 40 children per year and employs six to seven group leaders - generally middle school students - as well as three teachers.

In the past, the program's themes have ranged from math to computers to music, all in an effort to provide enrichment activities for children over the summer.

"The purpose of the program is to fulfill area needs for programs for children during the summer when access is otherwise limited," Elissa Craig, a CAC employee at the Aravaipa Campus who works with the program, said.

By participating in a college-sponsored program, children and their families are exposed to higher education at a young age. Although College for Kids is held at CAC's Aravaipa Campus each year, ongoing facility improvements at the location moved the summer camp to Mammoth Elementary School for this year.

The following organizations provided donations to help fund the College for Kids program:

• Aravaipa Property Owners
• BHP Billiton/Pinto Valley Operations
• Town of Hayden
• L.S. "Jake" Jacobson (Copper Basin Railway)
• Office of the Pinal County Attorney
• Resolution Copper
• Pete Rios (Pinal County Supervisor)
• SaddleBrooke Community Outreach
• San Manuel Rotary Club
• San Pedro Valley Lions Club
• Sundt
• Town of Winkelman

 The following students were presented with certificates to commemorate their participation in the 2011 College for Kids program:

• Theodore Alvarado (Kearny)
• Alejandro Baez (Kearny)
• Jordan Tremont (Kearny)
• Clarissa Gonzalez (Kearny)
• Julia Lorona (Kearny)
• Savannah Ortiz (Kearny)
• Darien Apuron (San Manuel)
• Evan Apuron (San Manuel)
• Pacey Smith-Garcia (San Manuel)
• Ethan Cooper (San Manuel)
• Jeffrey Head (San Manuel)
• Jordan Pohl (San Manuel)
• Abel Ronquillo-Aguirre (San Manuel)
• Eric Velasquez (San Manuel)
• Lauren Carnes (San Manuel)
• Tabitha Kellam (San Manuel)
• Ruby Kubat (San Manuel)
• Calandra Sims (San Manuel)
• Daniella Camarillo (Winkelman)
• Marc Mendoza (Superior)
• Augustin-Lou Ong Hing (Superior)
• Ally-Michael Ong Hing (Superior)
• Naomi-Bo Ong Hing (Superior)
• Isabella Kimmel (Hayden)
• Julian Cruz (Hayden)
• Jazzmin Huerta (Hayden)
• Joshua Crest (Mammoth)
• Lucas Gonzales (Mammoth)
• Tobias Madrid (Mammoth)
• Seth Perkins (Mammoth)
• Reggie Romo (Mammoth)
• Rosemary Castro (Mammoth)
• Nikki Crest (Mammoth)
• Victoria Flores (Oracle)
• Skylah Whitten (Oracle)
• Phiaus Wolgast (Aravaipa)
• Dominic Morales (Aravaipa)

For more information about College for Kids, please contact CAC's Elissa Craig at elissa.craig@centralaz.edu or by phone at 520-494-2810.

Central Arizona College - District Office 8470 N. Overfield Road, Coolidge, AZ 85128 Phone: 800-237-9814