CAC lands former women’s basketball coach now known as The Wellness Professor

(This story is one in an ongoing series designed to introduce the community to new members of the CAC family)

By Guy Harrison
CAC Media & Marketing Specialist

PINAL COUNTY, Ariz. – After assuming the role of a collegiate women’s basketball coach for nearly 20 years, Cheryl Boron now stands at the front of a classroom as opposed to on the sidelines of a basketball court.

Despite a distinguished career as a leader on the hardwood, Boron now strives to distinguish herself as a fitness, wellness and recreation faculty at Central Arizona College. Her time as a coach, she believes, proved to be a harbinger of her latest professional pursuits.

“I think that I was a good coach because I was a good teacher,” Boron said, noting that while she and her teams never won purely on X’s and O’s, she always found a way to rally the troops.

“I could always [build up] my teams, and they would peak, and at the end, [other teams] would say, ‘How are they beating us?’”

After 17 years of coaching, earning Coach of the Year honors from Athletes International Ministries in 1993, and traveling to India, Korea, and New Zealand, among other places, the time commitment and the stress of coaching finally caught up with Boron.

“It was a big transition because a lot of my identity was wrapped up in ‘Coach,’ and, suddenly, I wasn’t a coach. Yeah, I had some trouble with that.”

Boron can now take her favorite dimensions of coaching - player development, relationship-building, academics, and the maturation process - and carry them to the classroom.

The Wellness Professor, as she has become known during the course of her teaching career, describes CAC as the perfect fit, something that she sensed from her interview.

“They interview you and you interview them. When the jobs come out, I look to see if it’s a fit. The emphasis may be just teaching aerobics, but that wasn’t the emphasis here. The emphasis was on academics and teaching the health and wellness. It just fit.”

With a bachelor’s degree in physical education from the University of Massachusetts, a master’s degree in sports science from the University of West Florida, and a second-place finish at a national water skiing competition, Boron is both dynamically knowledgeable and well-traveled when it comes to wellness and recreation.

It seems like the perfect for CAC as well.

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