2009-2010 Annual Fact Book

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Central Arizona College Fact Book is the official fact book of Central Arizona College . The CAC Fact Book reflects total college numbers. Selecting chapter heads on each year's page enables you to browse the whole chapter. Use bookmarks in the PDF file to go to individual pages.
        Facts at a Glance  

Environmental Scan 
» Current State & County Quick Facts
» Arizona Population Growth by County Since 2000 Census
» Population Estimates and Projections
» Ethnicity Projections
» Age Projections
» Household Projections
» Housing Unit Estimates and Projections
» K-12 Enrollment and Graduation Rates
» Educational Attainment
» Labor Force Statistics and Unemployment Rates
» Top 25 Hi-Growth Occupations

Enrollment/FTSE/Course Trends 
» Annual Student District Demographics
» Annual FTSE & Headcount by Campus
» Annual FTSE & Headcount by Physical Location
» Annual FTSE & Headcount by Division
» Annual FTSE & Headcount by Instructional Method
» Annual Top 25 FTSE Generating Courses
» Annual Average Class Size By Site
» Annual Average Class Size By Division
» Annual Average Class Size By Instructional Method
» Annual Credit Hour Analysis
» Annual Range of Class Sizes
» Annual Start-Time By Site
» Annual Start-Time By Division
» Annual Start-Time Instructional Method
» Annual Start-Time Weekday/Weekend Courses by Campus
» Annual Cancelled Class Summary by Site
» Annual Cancelled Class Summary by Division
» Annual Cancelled Class Summary by Instructional Method

Faculty & Staff Trends 
» Faculty/Staff by Employee Category
» Faculty/Staff by Gender and Ethnicity
» Educational Attainment of Faculty
» Employee Development Activities
» Annual Full/Part Time Instructors Course and Credit Hours
» County/Employee/Student Diversity

Recruitment/Retention/Performance Trends 
» HS Capture Rate
» Declared Majors
» Placement Test Results
» New/Continuing/Returning Students by Semester
» Year-to-Year Retention
» Degrees & Certificates Awarded
» AGEC Completers
» Graduation Rate Trends
» Undergraduates Enrolled at an Arizona University with Transfer Hours from CAC
» Licensure Pass Rates/Job Placement – Selected programs

Fiscal Trends 
» Student Financial Aid - Total Amounts Awarded and # of Recipients
» Budgeted Expenditure by Fund Type
» Budgeted Expenditure by Function
» Cost Per FTSE
» Tuition & Fees
» Restricted Funds

Physical Resources Trend 
» CAC Facilities
» Library Collection
» Library Usage

Other Information 
» Small Business & Corporate Center Activity
» Surveys and Reports

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