Grants Office Project Management Resources

A director or coordinator of a large grant project usually has multiple roles and responsibilities and is required to work with several departments within the college.  The project director or coordinator should be able to achieve the project's goals efficiently and properly with the support of the following departments.

Finance Office

  • Processes travel payments
  • Provides budget analysis and amendments - Dennis Rennicke, budget development officer
  • Accounts payable
  • Reviews grant expenditures, maintains an independent account ledger, prepares all financial summaries for grants, meets monthly with all grant directors, and tracks in-kind and match totals – Emily White, grants accountant
  • Reviews all contracts before they are signed and signs financial reports and statements
  • The project coordinator must meet monthly with Emily White and track in-kind and match amounts as per her instructions.

Human Resources

  • All new positions must be advertised in accordance with established Human Resources guidelines
  • All grant-funded positions must follow Central’s hiring policies
  • Human Resources coordinates the hiring of all CAC employees and must be contacted before anyone is offered a position
  • Placement on the salary scale must be approved by Human Resources

Purchasing Services

  • Assists with competitive bidding processes
  • Provides information about vendors
  • Processes requisitions and provides requisitions and approval training – Arle Soliz, purchasing assistant

Website Development

  • To develop a webpage for your project, contact Joanne Mikkelson for technical assistance

Information Technology

  • Advises on technology purchases and compatibility with existing systems - Shane Haggstrom, director of network and desktop systems and services
  • Installs telephones and maintains the telephone system – Larry Miller, telecommunication technician

Market and Community Events Department

  • Writes press releases and articles
  • Sends press releases and articles to magazines and newspapers
  • Advises on the design and contents of brochures, newsletters, invitations, etc.
  • Advises on locating vendors for printing materials
  • Generates publicity about Central’s activities
  • Handles the district’s advertising and college publications

Office of Institutional Planning, Research and Knowledge Systems

  • Provides demographics and student data
  • Advises on evaluation issues such as statistical validity, data collection, and evaluation instruments

Grants Office

  • Advises on preparation for visits from funding agencies
  • Provides samples of grant reports
  • Advises on strategies to sustain projects
  • Identifies possible funding streams and advises on how to access them
  • Identifies community organizations and other entities that can support your project
  • Provides contact information for local governments, Pinal County officials, and community organizations
  • Can schedule preliminary meetings to help you start your project
  • Troubleshoots problems
  • Monitors submissions of grant reports to funding entities

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