Forms and Calendars

Pre-proposal Forms

CAC staff must contact the Grants Office prior to writing and/or submitting any proposals. A Grants Pre-proposal Concept Form must be completed and sent to the Grants Office before one proceeds with the grant application.

For grants that are $100,000 or less, complete the Pre-proposal Short Form.

For larger grants, complete the Pre-proposal Grant Concept Approval Form.

Grant Performance Report Approval Form

Complete the Grant Performance Report Approval Form when submitting a grant performance report as required by the funding agency.  The form documents that the grants resource developer has reviewed and approved the report before the grants coordinator or project director submits it to the funding agency.  Please submit the form and accompanying report to the Grants Office at least five working days before the submission deadline.

Grants Performance Report Calendar

The Grants Performance Report Calendar contains the deadlines for submitting reports for various grants active at CAC.

Grants Calendar, 2012-2014

A calendar of upcoming grant competitions is available here: Grants Calendar 2012-2014

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