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Hi! My name is Wyatt Ackland.  This is my second year at Central Arizona College and I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science. My main reason for choosing to come to CAC was the Promise to the Future program that was offered to me in middle school.

Wyatt The Promise to the Future program stated that as long as I maintained a 2.75 GPA throughout high school I would be eligible to attend CAC, tuition-free for four semesters. The GPA requirement gave me motivation to keep my grades up, and made me overall do better in school. This benefited me greatly as without this assistance I may not have been able to afford to attend college at all.

My classes and experiences at CAC have definitely changed me, and I now feel more prepared than ever to continue my education. I plan on moving on to one of the in-state universities so that I may finish my degree program and find a job in my field. I am very grateful for those that donate to the foundation as they allow students like me to get an education that they might have missed out on otherwise.

"My classes and experiences at CAC have definitely changed me, and I now feel more prepared than ever to continue my education".-Wyatt Ackland, 2nd year Promise student



Hi, my name is Gilberto, but you can call me Gilbert.  I'd like to share my story with you. Maybe you have donated to CAC or are thinking about donating. You can really make a difference with your gift.  The Promise for the Future Scholarship changed my life dramatically.

Mendez Both my parents are immigrants from Mexico. My mother finished high school while my father never finished fifth grade. With that being said, I didn't think college was an option for me. Yes, I signed the Promise paper in 8th grade. Yes, my parents said I had a chance to go to college.  I remember hearing my teachers telling me to go to college since everyone goes. I simply brushed it off since I thought college was for rich people. Then one day in class, I finally understood what my teachers and parents were saying to me. Keep your grades up and you will receive a scholarship to CAC.  Once graduation came, it was true; the paper I signed in 8th grade was to receive a Promise tuition scholarship at CAC!

To the donors that have given to CAC, I would like to say thank you. Also, I would ask for donors to continue to contribute and encourage others to give.  My life changed because of the scholarship.  I know there are more students out there in a similar situation that I was in that need a helping hand to transform their lives.

While in college, I have learned that there is a whole world out there for the taking and, in America, if you want something you have the opportunity to achieve it as long as you are willing to work for it.

Looking back now and realizing that my community has done so much for me, made me want to give back. This year I ran for a seat on Casa Grande City Council. The campaign collected the signatures, campaigned, and I got on the ballot in the Primary Election, but lost.  It was a great learning experience and I enjoyed running for public office. Hopefully, the Mendez campaign for City Council encourages other young people to get involved in the political process and even run for public office one day.

Many more good things have happened since my run for election.  I have been appointed by the City Council to serve on the Casa Grande Police Advisory Board. There I help the Casa Grande Police Department in creating a safer community for all.  I also serve my community on the Boys & Girls Clubs' Board of Directors.

I am a year away from graduating from ASU with my Bachelors of Science in Economics.  I am currently looking into either an MBA or Law School and will have to decide soon. My interests fall in finance, political science, and international relations so a career in any of those fields would interest me.  And just think, my journey began with a Promise.

Many people have helped me along my journey and I am thankful for their support.  If you can, give a little more than you did last year.  If you've never donated, I hope my story and gratitude will inspire you to make a donation this year.

Yours in friendship and appreciation,    
Gilbert M

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