Catalog Deadline

Catalog Deadlines...

The deadline to have your course included in the CAC 2017-2018 catalog is September 1, 2016.

All curriculum proposals (new, modifications, deletions) approved prior to catalog deadline will be included in the next catalog to be effective Fall of the next year unless otherwise approved by the Curriculum and Quality Initiatives Office and the CAO.

The course approval process takes time! Please enter your proposals in ACRES at the earliest possible date to guarantee their inclusion in the next catalog.

Course Approved inEstimated Effective DateIn Catalog
Fall 2016
Fall 2017 2017-2018
Spring 2017 Fall 2018 2018-2019
Fall 2017 Fall 2018 2018-2019
Spring 2018 Fall 2019 2019-2020

Selected Topics (078, 088, 098, 198, 298) may be used for new or modified courses that are needed immediately to meet student needs.

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