Comments from our Alumni:


Shea Nieto

My experience at CAC was life changing, as I grew up in Casa Grande with limited resources; thinking a college degree was not an attainable goal.  Under the excellent guidance of the late Tim Edwards and Dean Merrell, I was able to achieve success in the classroom.  Having also played baseball as a Vaquero, I was able to compete at a very high level in the sport I love the most.  Through the direction and mentoring of Mr. Merrell, and building upon the confidence gained at CAC, I was able to go on to Arizona State University and obtain a B.S. in Agribusiness.


Kathena Scheetz-Reynolds

Central Arizona College has been a friendly and enriching environment where one can easily find new growth, intriguing topics to ponder and realms of both the paradigm of artistic genre and technical to explore.  I have been very fortunate to have been involved with the amazing mentors/teachers and students at CAC.  As a result of attending, I have experienced a more enriched life.


Cashmere O'Neil

While attending CAC, I believe I was able to master the skills and truly develop the knowledge base to succeed and exceed in a four year institution with a rigorous program.  I recently graduated from Morgan State University School of Social Work Advanced Standing (one year) Program with my Masters of Social Work degree concentrating in Public Health Policy and Services.  It would be my honor to thank Central Arizona College for extending an opportunity to pursue enlightenment.  I would also like to thank the many professors that have shaped my understanding and supported me through this journey: Prof. Carson, Ms. Eubanks, Ms. Elisa Juarez, Coach Al Shirley, and many more that have not been named but played a vital role in my success.  Thank you all!


Ellie Brown

Attending CAC was THE way to start my education process.  Being right out of high school, I wasn't too sure which direction to take.  CAC offered the opportunity to grow at a positive pace towards a career and how to embrace the diversity that all students were surrounded by.  The mentorship provided by the staff proved to be a keystone in future endavors of helping others better themselves. Most of my career has been through the court system (eventually as a justice of the Peace) and now as a Director through the Pinal County Attorney's office.  I have been with Pinal County government for 20 years now, married, have two grown children and three beautiful granddaughters.


David Gater

CAC provided a tremendous foundation for success at U of A Arizona where I was fortunate to receive a B.S. (Biology), M.S. (Exercise & Sport Sciences), Ph.D. (Pyshiology) and MD.  CAC gave me an economical academic start with wonderful instructors/advisors and set me up for an academic scholarship at U of A that would not have been possible otherwise.  Many thanks!


David Chambers

CAC gave me the motivation and support to move forward and complete not only my undergraduate degree, but as of March 21st, my Masters also.  I would love the opportunity to give back and provide the drive that was provided to be by the instructors that I came in contact with.  Thank you for a great experience.



Tammy Leiken

I feel that CAC was the BEST experience and foundation of beginning my adulthood.  The people I met and the things I learned from those people live in my memory.  It was just a really great learning experience.  I remember people from my years at CAC more than any of my high school years or teams I played on after graduating from CAC.

Marnie Fisk

CAC was some of the best times of my life, not only furthering my education but learning valuable skills as a person, a scholar, and as an athelete. CAC had some of the best coaching that I have ever had.  I was able to further my skills that helped me to play and compete at the Pac-10 level.  Coach Myers is one of the top coaches to ever coach the game.

Jerald Monahan

I went on to complete a Bachelor and Masters degree in my field and have enjoyed continued success.  I wouldl not have pursued either had my experience at CAC not been so very positive.

CAC laid the foundation for me as an adult learner to go futher.


Jonathan Berry

CAC prepared me with a strong math and engineering foundation from which I went on to earn a BSME at U. of A. Perhaps CAC's greatest value to my personal development came from my ASCAC experience where I learned leadership skills and the power of delegation and teamwork.




Johnny Johnson, Jr.

CAC prepared me to go to the next level by attending a college where I received my bachelors degree.  I am now going to use everything that I learned from the professors at CAC to achieve another milestone in my life, and that is to receive my MBA from Strayer University here in North Carolina.  I am currently a small business owner.  Although I did not receive a degree in business, CAC prepared me for my current career by providing me with key elements for success.


Ivan Torres

In 1979 I got a baseball scholarship to play for the legendary Ken Richardson and Mike Candrea.  Image a Puerto Rican with little English all the way to AZ.  However, the discipline KR and MC taught us in the baseball field is/was the foundation for me to become a responsible adult today. I have applied the same structure to all aspects of my life, professionally and in my home.  No doubt that CAC helped me in the path to acquire my degree in Business Management but most important, developing discipline and character.




Donovan Decker

CAC prepared me for ASU in every area except classes of 100+ students in a lecture hall, thank goodness.  Many of my Santa Cruz Valley Union High classmates did attend either ASU or U of A and were bewildered as I might have been without CAC.  I accepted the call for Public Safety and it has been a career I have enjoyed.  Focusing on a need for paramedics in Casa Grande, I attended the first paramedic program offered at CAC.



Luis Sanchez

CAC helped me be better prepared for my future experiences at the university level.  It played a vital role in helping me achieve my educational goals and get to where I am today. I am working for Central Arizona College as the Assistant Director of Recruitment and enjoying every minute of it!  My time spent as a CAC student in the past helps me today in my job, as I reach out to CAC students in the future.


Sid Cotter

CAC changed everything for me. I have worked with two presidents of the United States, been from South Africa to just short of the North Pole, worked in television and have been an executive at Disneyland.  I am now the Director of Admissions at a small college, similar to CAC, just to pay back the skills, confidence, and training I got at CAC.


Wanda Kartchner

Because of my two year degree, I was able to complete a four year degree.  I received many job promotions over the years because of my education and recently attended CAC again to update my skills. I was recently chosen for the Wall of Success and credit CAC with much of my success in life.


Casandra Yazzie

Although the time with CAC was short, it was a small experience that helped prepare me for the goals that I have achieved thus far.  Since graduating, I have become an educator and have just recently obtained my masters degree.


Laura Scavo

I returned to college in order to be certified in Special Education. Central Arizona College has afforded me several scholarships and grants in order to complete courses necessary to qualify for the College of Teacher Education at Arizona State University, where I will be graduating Summa Cum Laude in May 2011.


Tammy Leiken

I feel that CAC was the BEST experience and foundation of beginning my adulthood. The people I met and the things I learned from those people live in my memory. It was just a really great learning experience. I remember people from my years at CAC more than any of my HS years or teams I played on after graduating from CAC.

David Chambers

CAC gave me the motivation and support to move forward and complete not only my undergraduate degree, but as of March 21st, my Masters also. I would love the opportunity to give back and provide the drive the was provided to me by the instructors that I came in contact with. Thank you for a great experience.

Glinda Kay Ann Laughlin

In my current position working for an AHCCCS Managed Care Program, I have been able to utilize skills learned from both degrees earned at CAC.

Fiona Marissa

I will always be grateful for my experience at CAC and am glad to see this type of service. Thanks for providing a way to reconnect. I've been looking for this for awhile!

Eugene Foster

After earning my A.A. degree from Central Arizona College, I attended Arizona State University, where I earned my B.S. degree in Mass Communications with emphasis in print Journalism. I worked professionally as a journalist as sports editor with the Navajo Times newspaper on the Navajo Nation in Window Rock, Arizona for 32 years.

I am fortunate to have attended Central Arizona College, learning many things. My son and nephew also attended Central Arizona College.


Renee Higginbotham

The education and opportunities provided to me at CAC left me with a sense of success that lingers still today, and I know that I would not have had the fortitude, perseverance and determination to pursue further degrees if I had not experienced the joy of learning at CAC.

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