College for Kids 2011


Another great year has just finished up for College for Kids and after some research I have found that we are in our 30th year.

A special thank you to the Mammoth-San Manuel Unified School District #8, Larry Ramirez and Wendy Messing for the set-up of the facility at the Mammoth Elementary School this year, due to construction at the Aravaipa Campus. Also we thank Joanne Diaz and her staff for the nutritious lunches that were served.

This summer we explored such topics as alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power. Included in the topics were magnetic fields and poles, atoms, molecules, elements and electrical currents and circuits.

The students were able to participate in hands-on experiments that demonstrated each topic. Some of the favorites included heating hot dogs in pizza box solar ovens and building and flying thier own kites that each student designed.

Every student tie dyed their own T-shirt so all had a very unique pattern. They were also visited by Mad Science who provided magnetic entertainment. The week ended with a water day on the lawn.

Thank you to the coordinator Jamie Wolgast for all her work in putting together this program. Also to the teachers Wendy Torres, Julie Formo, Robin Garcia and the student assistants Shantelle Archunde and Irmalinda Marinez.

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